Oh Lioness.
In celebration of your birthday “week”, I give you…jazz hands. Or, I give you “I’m actually peeling my underwear off in a attempt to be seductive." Either way, it’s your birthday present. Happy Birthday, now blow out those candles babe. You deserve all the sweetness in the world. 
( also thank you to T of @cubicletocollar for the brilliant edit again.)

MPA!! You look amazing. I mean AMAZING. Look at that silhouette. It could be a ‘jazz hands i have to pee really bad’ stance and i’d still love it. Thank you so much for this photo and your warm wishes. We’ll catch up soon - promise. 


Im on MFC Right now~ Tekii_

Cum visit me today and let’s play

Peep on one of favorite Vegas girls live right now. I hear she’s lots of fun 😘


My mum told me I could be anything I wanted. So I became an anti-social recluse with an internet dependence and intolerance for natural life.

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the size of your thighs, or your waist, doesn’t matter

its the size of your bank account that we really care about

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