Dear lioness,I am a young American college student taking a temporary leave of absence from the dating world and sex scene. Since I made this decision over the past couple of months I have found such power in my new practices of physical and emotional self love. It has been such a beautiful journey exploring my own desires, needs, and the ins and outs of my body’s landscape. Thank you for giving me a place to safely and visually express this new era of self exploration.Sincerely,Your newest coffee clubber

I’m really proud of you for recognizing what you need and listening to your mind, body, and spirit. I guess sometimes we have to step back from things to learn how we might have changed over time. I hope you find lots of love and affection here. 


You don’t have to have big boobs for them to be nice

You don’t have to have a big ass for it to be nice

Someone will come along who makes you feel like you have the nicest ass and boobies in the world because they love you

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Taco ombré.